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 Pika-chan DESU.

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PostSubject: Pika-chan DESU.   Wed Oct 12, 2011 6:56 am

Hey people! The name's Pikaru, you might also know me as Nova from my Monster High channel or Kat from facebook XD I'm 17 years old(turning 18 in November YAAAAY) from New Jersey, And I've been dubbing for a little over a year now.

I am in 7 projects:
~Airashii Project
~DokiDoki Club(formerly known as Alo!Kira)
~Amai Fruit Project
~Pucchi Project
~Destiny Team(Correction- was in, graduated, auditioned again, might make the cut)

And I run my own project, Shuffle UP, though due to being really really busy it's currently on hiatus.

I also am a senior in high school and ahve a part-time job at a convinience store. So yeah, I'm extremely busy XD But I manage.

More random facts and stuffs:
~Favorite disbanded/barely heard of anymore H!P group- Minimoni, Ongaku Gatas
~Favorite current H!P group- As of right this very moment, probably C-ute, then Berryz, then Momusu, then S/mileage.
~Favorite H!P member of all time- YOSSIE. Seriously, I even named my kitten-daughter after her XD
Other FaveFormer H!Pers Konkon, Yaguchi Mari, Ogawa Saki, Takahashi Ai, Mika Todd, Michiyo Heike, Tsuji, Kago, Kikkawa Yuu.
Favorite Current H!Pers Hagiwara Mai, Chinami, Yurina, Chisato, Haruka, Suzuki Kanon, Nigi-chan(Niigaki Risa), Mitsui Aika.
Other Hobbies Poetry, drawing(mainly sonic OCs on MS Paint), Collecting Monster High dolls

Contact Info- Yessudesu(Youtube, Skype(never on)) xNovakayne(Youtube2), Kinjadahedgie(DeviantART) Darke-angelic-sins(Deviantart2)

I would add more but I have to start leaving for school XD Stay sparkling my friends!
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Pika-chan DESU.
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