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 Opinion Thread 002: Kakushigei!!

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PostSubject: Opinion Thread 002: Kakushigei!!   Mon Aug 22, 2011 6:55 am


I've started a new group called "Kakushigei". These girls are part of Airashii!Project, but not an official member of any of the current groups under Airashii!Project. Kakushigei is the equivalent to Hello Project's Egg members.

As a Kakushigei Member, They will act as a Cover for any of the Japanese groups under Airashii!Project, you may also do backups for any of their singles, such as chorus work or other background singing. Kakushigei will also release Indie singles and will start of with an Album. Kakushigei members also have the chance, like H!P eggs to become members of A!P and join one of their groups!! -or, they may even form their own group within A!P!!

Kakushigei Members may graduate after time, Either to Join A!P (In a new group or join a current group) or leave the project entirely (Which won't happen often and if does, will only happen to a few because they just don't work out.)

If you girls know ANYONE that would like to join PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ask them to send me an audition on youtube!!!
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Opinion Thread 002: Kakushigei!!
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