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 Meroko desu!!

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Generation 2 Member

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PostSubject: Meroko desu!!   Sun Jul 24, 2011 4:55 pm

Hello I'm Meroko Kururugi!!! You can call me Meroko or anyother nickname that you come up with. Tomorrow, July 25, will be my first year anniversary within Airashii, well the day I debuted within it anyways <3 I'm a 2nd generation member of Airashii Project and leader/founder of Airashii Pro Survival <3

I have been dubbing for a year and a month now and I hope to continue in the future as well. Airashii is the first project I was ever in, so I'M NEVER GRADUATING EVER!!!! <3 I want Airashii Project to live forever >.<

Well nice to meet everyone <3 I look forward to working with you all <3
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Meroko desu!!
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